Consultants & Advisors

Consolidated fund research, portfolio management, accounting and analytical tools for consultants and advisors.

Backstop Solutions Group Sales and Marketing Management CRM

Research Management

Backstop combines qualitative and quantitative data, document management and reporting tools that help to streamline the research process.

  • Manage due diligence in one centralized database
  • Tag and share key documents linked directly to organizations or funds
  • Fuel research with automatic database feeds from our data providers

Portfolio Management

Backstop is the ultimate portfolio management software solution for consultants and advisors to track and monitor client investments.

  • Monitor subscriptions and redemptions for investments
  • Manage all capital commitment structures for illiquid investments and model cash flow projections
  • Track and report on complex liquidity terms, calculations and scenarios
  • Analyze current investments and monitor asset allocation
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Backstop Solutions Group Sales and Marketing Management CRM

Contact Management

Backstop's powerful CRM creates the perfect foundation for tracking investment documentation, activity and e-mail in one centralized database.

  • Track and share notes, meetings, calls and documents
  • Automatically synchronize e-mail and contacts with Outlook® integration
  • Access crucial contact information and share notes and research on the go with Backstop Mobile
  • Search key words through all archived legal and standard documentation
Backstop Portal

Backstop Portal for Portfolio Reporting

Backstop Portal allows funds of funds, endowments, pensions and other institutional investors to provide transparency into their portfolios.

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Backstop Solutions Group Scalable Solutions

Flexible, Scalable Solutions

We understand that organizations come in different shapes and sizes and that not all employees should have access to the same sensitive data. Backstop offers a variety of solutions to scale with your business as it grows.

  • Permission individual user read/write access on records, e-mails and activity for full data control
  • Provide the right level of access to match your employees' roles and responsibilities
  • Silo specific records, funds or accounts with Backstop's Advanced Permissioning Module
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