Hedge Funds

Scalable software for raising capital and managing sophisticated investors.

Backstop Solutions Group Sales and Marketing Management CRM

Client Relationship Management

Backstop's powerful CRM creates the perfect foundation for tracking all of your contacts and related interactions in one centralized database.

  • Track and share notes, meetings, calls and documents
  • Synchronize e-mails, contacts and calendars with Backstop's Outlook® integration
  • Gain a better understanding of a network's interconnectivity by linking contacts through relationships
  • Build activity reports and lists by location, relationship strength or other attributes
  • Access crucial contact information and share notes and research on the go with Backstop Mobile
Backstop Solutions Group Sales and Marketing Management CRM

Sales & Marketing Management

Backstop's marketing management capabilities allow for easy tracking and maintenance of sales pipelines and associated activities to support the capital raising process.

  • Manage interest levels, investor types and investment probabilities with a sales tool designed specifically for alternative asset managers
  • Build e-mail distribution lists and send unlimited e-mail blasts with watermarked attachments
  • Auto-generate marketing materials, such as monthly performance sheets, through Backstop’s Excel Toolkit
  • Easily create and share pipeline reports to measure sales effectiveness
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Backstop Solutions Group Investor Relations CRM

Investor Relations

Backstop's sophisticated investor relationship management tools allow hedge funds to track and report on investor account activity, liquidity and performance data.

  • Track investor balances and capital activity, including dates and values
  • Manage business risk with detailed fund liquidity and compliance reports, including ERISA, Form PF and FATCA
  • Store all investor documentation and provide increased availability through document searching and cloud access
  • Bridge the information communication gap between your finance, operations and investor relations teams
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Backstop Portal for Investor Reporting

Backstop Portal is the perfect solution for IR professionals looking to provide investors with online access to account, fund and marketing information.

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Backstop Solutions Group Scalable Solutions

Flexible, Scalable Solutions

We understand that organizations come in different shapes and sizes, and that not all employees should have access to the same sensitive data. Backstop offers a variety of solutions to scale with your business as it grows.

  • Permission individual user read/write access on records, emails and activity for full data control
  • Provide the right level of access to match your employees' roles and responsibilities
  • Silo specific records, funds or accounts with Backstop's Advanced Permissioning Module
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