Backstop Portal

"Backstop Portal made it simple for us to securely distribute account and research information to our clients."

—Partner, FOF
InvestorBridge portal for web reporting

What is the Backstop Portal?

Backstop Portal is a fully customizable, web-based reporting portal that helps to satisfy the increasingly heavy demands of investors for access to investment and portfolio-related information.

Backstop Portal is ideal for delivering documents, fund research and account information to investors and partners in a visually stunning, easy-to-use package. Our user permission system ensures that each visitor to your site receives only the information that is relevant to them. We also integrate other security features that rival an online banking experience.

  • Secure web portal allows investors and potential investors to download privileged documents
  • Provides clients with online access to fund and account information, transaction history, current value and performance
  • Maintain and enhance your culture of compliance by tracking page views, document views and login frequency, and discourage the redistribution of confidential information from your site with PDF Watermarking
Backstop Portal Hedge Fund Investor Portal

For Investor Reporting

Backstop Portal is the perfect solution for IR professionals looking to provide investors with online access to account, fund and marketing information.

  • Offer investors secure online access to account statements, partner letters and K-1s
  • Answer demands for transparency by posting fund performance, research data or account-level analytics
  • Streamline your marketing process by qualifying prospects online and providing access to materials over the web

For Portfolio Reporting

Backstop Portal allows funds of funds, endowments, family offices, and other institutional investors to provide transparency into their portfolios.

  • Publish research reports and other manager related information to clients and investment committee members
  • Securely distribute fund documents to LPs, investors and consultants
  • Post fund performance, benchmark analysis, and investment research or due diligence information
Showcase Your Performance

The Backstop Portal charting technology provides a dynamic way to showcase your data to current and potential investors. You have already put in the hard work – sharing your research and performance should be the easy part.