Backstop IR – Investor Relations Management Software

"Backstop has given us the tools we need to communicate accurately and effectively to our investors."

—Investor Relations Director, Fund of Funds
Backstop Solutions Group Investor Relations Management

Investor Account Management

Backstop's powerful investor account management tools enable users to track and report on investor activity, liquidity and performance data.

  • Track individual subscriptions and redemptions on investor accounts
  • Monitor account performance and compare to industry benchmarks
  • Manage investor account liquidity, redemptions and notice dates
  • Run shadow administration with Backstop's optional Partnership Allocation Module
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InvestorBridge portal for web reporting

Investor Relationship Management

At its core, Backstop incorporates tools that help users to better manage client information, interactions, documentation and communication - from emailing performance estimates to creating and distributing capital account statements.

  • Create and distribute personalized investor account statements
  • Build relationships between accounts and third-party contacts for efficient information sharing and reporting
  • Generate one-click investor account summary reports for meetings and e-mail updates
Backstop Portal

Investor Reporting

Backstop's reporting tools provide instant access to the data you need to analyze investor accounts, fund performance and more.

  • Monitor and report on your compliance with ERISA, 3(c)(1) and 3(c)(7) slots rules, and other essential fund level requirements
  • Report on historical management and incentive fees and account performance metrics on a tranche by tranche basis
  • Provide investors with access to account transaction, liquidity, performance, tax-related information and other documentation via a secure, encrypted web portal
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