Backstop to Unveil Future Vision for Operational Agility at Backstop Connect Event

New York, Nov. 1, 2016 - Backstop Solutions Group, a leading productivity suite provider to the alternative investment community, today announced that it will unveil its streamlined combination of solutions at its Backstop Connect event in New York on November 3. Backstop is reshaping its offerings by combining its previously individualized products into one holistic suite. The rebranded suite will be named as follows:

  • Backstop (the core offering) will include: Backstop CRM, Backstop IR, Backstop Portfolio and Backstop Research
  • Backstop Portal (previously InvestorBridge) - enables clients to easily report to investors and prospects through a secure branded portal, going beyond a simple document repository.
  • Backstop Accounting (previously Cogency) – users can manage all manner of pooled investments

"For our clients, time comes at a premium. Having the ability to streamline their business operations using our suite of solutions greatly reduces the time spent on non-return-generating activities," said Adam Hoit, Vice President of Product Management at Backstop. "Our vision is to connect investor and multi-manager portfolio activities with middle and back-office functions for our clients, giving them a seamless suite of tools that enable them to adapt to market changes better and make decisions faster."

The new suite will come with an efficient, advantageous pricing structure for clients who wish to deploy multiple Backstop agility-enhancing solutions.

Backstop will be unveiling this new suite dedicated to improving operational agility for the alternative investment industry at their Backstop Connect event in New York on November 3. The event will feature an expert discussion that will focus on "3 Data Management Best Practices to Transform Operational and Portfolio Data into Risk Intelligence."

The experts presenting will be:

  • Robert Goldbaum, Senior Vice President, Product & Market Strategy at Backstop
  • Michael Siminoff, Founder & CEO of Madrone Software & Analytics

"Backstop's own agility has allowed us to continue to innovate for our clients year over year," continued Hoit. "We were the first to build an offering of 100% cloud-based solutions for the alternative investment community. This architecture has allowed us to release upgrades and features more often than those with on-premises architecture. We look forward to continuing to keep our clients agile, and are excited to share this vision with them at Backstop Connect."

Backstop Solutions Group is a leading provider of cloud-based productivity solutions for hedge funds, funds of funds, pensions, endowments, private equity firms, consultants and family offices. Founded in 2003, Backstop created the industry's first cloud-based software that empowers firms in the alternative investment management industry to overcome complexity and achieve greater agility. With offices across the United States and in Europe and Asia, Backstop now serves more than 700 firms worldwide, making it one of the fastest growing software providers in the financial services industry. For more information visit Follow us on Twitter @Backstop.

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